Happy weekend!

I suppose it's cheating to write the weekend post on Saturday night, but hey, that's when my weekend started. What are you up to on this first weekend of October? I'm having a much-needed night in, ordering in sushi and catching up on all the TV I missed this week. Tomorrow I'm having brunch with My Gay Husband and then trying to make some sense of my life, which falls apart like clockwork every time a production I'm working on hits the stage. Sigh. Thank goodness for the cool weather that arrived today, giving me an excuse to wear cable-knit tights, a red herringbone skirt, and a gray tweed jacket with stripey lining. I love the fall.

Some weekend linky goodness for you (it's been a while, I know, so I'm throwing in a few extra):

I have a new soprano friend who makes finger puppets for opening night gifts. Now she's making videos with them, too. I highly recommend Carmen, Act II.

I'm VERY excited about Mindy Kaling's new book. Did you read the excerpt?

Cookie Monster and Elmo do the fall TV lineup. I particularly like when Elmo looks into the camera during The Office.

Loved this guide to New York City. Since I live here several months of the year, maybe I should read this and go somewhere other than to work. Hmm...

Turned out the stripey rug was WAY too scratchy. Now we're thinking purple!

Scary, but completely true. Uh-oh.

I'm enjoying Whitney much more than I thought I would. Have you watched?

New shoes. I'm wearing them daily to work.

I went home last weekend and we stocked our bar. We are ready to entertain! (The only thing missing is…me.)

Here's hoping your weekend is full of mimosas, buttoned-up jackets, and no work whatsoever. xoxo LMB


  1. Happy weekend to you! This is my first Family Theatre Series weekend, so my weekend starts on Monday. We have lovely fall weather here in St. Louis, so I have a feeling I'll be outside enjoying the lovely weather and taking photographs!

  2. BTW - happy belated birthday - sorry I missed it!

  3. Anya is a dear! I keep the finger puppet of Act IV Stabbed Carmen on my HGO desk. I didn't realize you were friends. Time to catch up!


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