Lee Anne & Dan • October 18, 2003

From Lee Anne...

On what date did you get married?
October 18, 2003

What do you remember most from your wedding?
Looking out over the reception room and thinking “Yep. These people are so awesome...and they're our friends and family. We are so very blessed."

What's your advice for building a happy and fulfilling marriage?
Hrmmmm—this is something we're always working on: not in the workbook sense, but in the ‘being kind’ sense...I think sometimes when you're super familiar and comfortable it's so very easy to be hard on each other...hold the other to high (unspoken) expectations, expect supreme mind-reading abilities to manifest in laundry being done or groceries in the fridge or a fantastic vacation planned without having to utter a word...but the truth is that we're often cruelest to those closest to us. We try really hard to be loving and nice, even on those rare occasions when we're not agreeing. And I have finally admitted that my ESP is non-functional, and that I cannot make Dan do anything using just brain waves. (Well, I can make him get really frustrated with me for not actually saying what it is I want/need...haven't figured out how to use my powers for good yet, though.) 

Anything you know now that you wish you had known when you got married?
Reinvent yourselves when you need to...but do it together. In some ways we're right where we thought we'd be eight years in, and in some ways we're light years away. But we're together and happy, and creating this weird life together!

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