Home sweet Houston

One year ago today we woke up in our Vienna apartment for the first time (probably around 4am, if I'm remembering correctly). We were ready to start our new life as expats in Europe, excited to discover our favorite restaurants and shops, studying hard for our upcoming German classes.

This morning I woke up in Houston, in a gorgeous high-rise apartment with a panoramic view that is being generously lent to us until we get settled. We got in our rental SUV, stopped at Starbucks, and I dropped CameraMan off at work, where I'll meet him in a couple hours for lunch.

We're back. It's official.

And it occurred to me this morning that I never really wrote about what was happening with us. What with the families in town, and the wedding, and the honeymoon, and the move, it's all over and I never told you why we came back. Well, if you're wondering, this is why (that top picture was taken by me, incidentally). My beloved CM got an opportunity the likes of which does not come frequently, an offer that we could not pass up. The timing was terrible, neither of us felt like we were done in Vienna, but we also both knew almost without a doubt that this was the right move, not only for CM's career, but for us. I think Vienna will always hold a special meaning for us: it's the place we got engaged, the place we got married, and I think the place we truly learned to rely on each other. Now we're on to the next adventure.

So here I am, back on American soil, expat no longer. It looks like I won't be crossing #6 off my list any time soon. I'm struggling a bit with what to do with this space, what it means, why I'm writing and for whom. I think the answers to those questions will come in their own time, so for now I'm going to keep telling you about my life as it unfolds. In the next few weeks, I'll also be sharing details and images from our wedding, excerpts from the journal I kept on our honeymoon (I'll leave out the racy bits), and a few more Happy Marriage posts, because it turns out I know a lot of happy marriages. I'll also be telling you all about the rental townhouse we found which is absolutely perfect in every way. We move in (with our meager belongings—remember the Great Purge of 2010?) on the 15th!


  1. Welcome back, LMB and CM!

    I know Europe was fun and you'll go back eventually (at least to visit) but I'm excited for you and CM and your new adventures!

    That being said, I hope you keep blogging!

  2. Please keep writing! Here or otherwise... You are a brilliant and hilarious writer, it would be a shame if you stopped!

    Big congratulations to you and CM!

  3. I hope you keep writing as you are one of my favorites. I know this blog was a place for you to work through things and to write about your life as it unfolded. Surely you can write while you are also blissfully happy. :-)

    I can't wait to hear about your new swanky digs!

  4. Heartfelt congratulations on your wedding and on your husband`s (sic!)fabulous new job.
    You ask who you are blogging for. Well, maybe also for people like me. A person who loves music and especially opera. A person who loves to travel round the globe to see/hear productions of operas or casts I am particularly interested in/fond of. A person who loves to read what is going on while a new production is being created. A person who adores cats and loves to read about the life and watch photos of your cat (known as the Bossy Cat). A person who, by regularly reading this blog, came to like you and would sure miss you a little bit would you decide to stop blogging.

  5. I don't check the blog that often but, when I do, I am comforted by the beauty and pleasure you and your CM manage to find in the transient and competitive world in which artists live and work. As an aspiring director a few steps behind you, the example of two normal, happy people making a pleasant, sustaining life together while pursuing individual careers is really inspiring to me. Thanks so much, and I sincerely hope you keep it up!


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