Happy weekend!

Happy Friday, my dears! What are your plans for the weekend? I wish for all of you that are NOT in Houston, where we have now hit and surpassed the record for number of days over 100°F (with no end in sight), a glorious outdoorsy kind of weekend. Have a picnic for me, won't you? Go on a bike ride. As for me, I will be staying in air conditioning all weekend long. CM is leaving town for a couple days, so we'll spend our first married night apart! Boo. Just when I've gotten all used to having him around. To heal the pain, I've organized a little fun with a couple girlfriends whose husbands are also out of town (working title: Lonely Wives' Club). I'm hosting cocktail hour at our place, which is powerful motivation to get the house ready!

Some links for your Friday:

A fantastic article that's such useful, good advice for young singers (and young directors, too).

When we were in New York, we spent a glorious afternoon at Room & Board, coveting. Right now they're offering free shipping on accessories! I'm dying to buy pillows for every room in the house.

I loved this article about J. Crew's Jenna Lyons. 

How amazing are these map prints? I'm thinking it would look great in our dining room, as a thematic antidote to the Eiffel Tower. Or something.

We're not yet at the hanging art stage of decorating, but I found these in our stuff, which we had never used, and now we have a little wall gallery of wedding photos. When we're ready for something a bit more permanent, they come right off!

Here's a picture of the Bossy Cat in our new house. She's settling in nicely.

Hope your weekend is full of summer breezes, dinner parties, and fresh starts! xoxo LMB

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  1. Happy Weekend yourself!

    Like the title of the Lonely Wives Club, but perhaps not the reason, but at least you have girlfriends to hang out with and distract yourselves!

    Love temp frames - sounds perfect! I've always wanted to do wall decals...


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