Happy weekend!

What is everyone doing this weekend? Any big plans? We're planning a last lazy day in New York tomorrow (possibly with a trip to Levain for the best cookies in the world) before we had back to Houston in the evening. The big potential excitement on Sunday is that we're getting a Costco membership! Yes, we are embracing America (and our new spacious kitchen).

Some weekend linky goodness:

We can't get enough of Sherlock (and it's on Instant Netflix), a modernized Sherlock Holmes miniseries from BBC. Luckily, more episodes are coming this winter.

This would be an excellent use of a lazy Sunday morning.

I'm not sure exactly what we're going to do with it, but I MUST own this piece of furniture. Perfection.

Single tickets to the Met's new season go on sale tomorrow. Which shows are you excited about?

I splurged on a new bag for work, big enough to hold a score AND a laptop. I love love love it.

Just in case you could use a little Firenze in your life...

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with easy travel days, fruity sangria, and air-conditioned movie theaters. xoxo LMB

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  1. WHEN are we getting the wedding photos?? welcome back to the east coast!


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