Jennifer & Roger • November 12, 2000

While we're away on honeymoon, I've scheduled a series of posts about happy marriages I know, the ones that inspire me and give me hope. You can read them all here.

On what date did you get married?
We got married Nov. 12, 2000 in Paris, France....then we did another one in Portland to make sure it was legal and such.  To keep it simple, we celebrate only 1 anniversary.  We just celebrated 10 years—I really can't believe that!

What do you remember most from your wedding?
Jennifer: Dancers throwing flower petals everywhere after the ceremony......tourists stopping to take was all magical.  At both ceremonies, the feeling of being surrounded by our friends and lots of love.

Roger: The bells of Notre Dame tolling as we kissed, plus all Jennifer's stuff.

What's your advice for building a happy and fulfilling marriage?
Roger: To paraphrase Mary Matalin, "is this hill worth dying for?" Remember to keep things simple and don't sweat the small stuff.

Jennifer:  Keep laughing!  Roger and I have loads of fun makes the stressful times much easier to deal with.

Anything you know now that you wish you had known when you got married?
Jennifer: Honestly, no—it's a great journey to take together and I appreciate what I've learned about myself and how to be in a relationship. Plus, too much knowing might have scared me away from marriage! 

Roger: Agreed.

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  1. That was a very lovely wedding. How I wish I can also get married in Notre Dame.


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