Happy weekend!

Friends, what are you up to this weekend? We arrived yesterday in Houston and have already been super-busy driving around to look at townhouses, buying up everything Target sells, (window) shopping for furniture, and hitting up our favorite restaurants. This weekend promises more of the same. Tonight I'm taking CM to Hearsay for the first time. We'll sit at the bar drinking cocktails and snacking on small plates. And talking about how CRAZY it is to be back in Houston!

A few links for your weekend:

Today at Crate & Barrel I especially loved this couch and this bed. What do you think?

We bought a Tempurpedic mattress today—I could not be more excited, except that we don't have a bed or a house to put it in yet! Thankfully, we got to take home these fantastic pillows in the meantime. They actually feel cold to the touch! Bliss indeed.

I'm loving this new treasure trove of recipes. Those peaches look amazing, don't they?

Ladies, do you subscribe to the Shopafrolic daily emails? You should. Trust me.

This is what I'll be having for cocktail hour tonight. SO delicious.

Here's a silly picture from our wedding reception that I love. More to come very soon...

Hope your weekend is filled with blue skies, lazy mornings, and some good old-fashioned economy stimulating. xoxo LMB


  1. Does the Crate & Barrel bed include the window with the beach view? That would make it a definite yes. :) Welcome Home!

  2. Bed****, but take a close look at the hardware connecting the headboard and rails.

    Couch**, but what do I know...

    Have a good weekend!


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