Happy Wedding Weekend!

So what are you lovely people up to this summer weekend? I was thinking of heading to the top of a hill overlooking Vienna and marrying by best friend surrounded by our loved ones. Then maybe I'll eat a delicious meal holding my husband's hand and delighting in the laughter of our incredible friends. This has been a week to remember, the week of a lifetime, and it all culminates in tomorrow's glorious celebration.

Sunday we hop on an overnight train to Italy, where we'll honeymoon in contented seclusion for the better part of two weeks, after which we'll have five days to pack up our belongings and our cat and fly across the world on a new adventure. I don't plan on spending any time on the computer, so I've put together a little marriage-related content for you while I'm gone. I've asked various happily married couples I know to share with you their memories and insights marriage, and I'll be posting one couple a day for the next few weeks.

When I sat down to plan this project, I was pleasantly surprised by how very many happy marriages I knew right off the top of my head. I'm so pleased to share with you their thoughts, which I have found so moving and inspiring.

Hope your weekend is full of love. xoxo LMB


  1. Do you remember the photo you took of Eric in the chicken hat? Ages and ages ago before you started dating. I do. That was the moment I started rooting for your guys and was so happy to see both of you so happy.

    I wish you the very best on this special weekend. As someone said you are truly living a fairy tale and it couldn't happen to two nicer people.

    Happy wedding!!!

  2. Have the greatest Wedding Day ever. Big congrats on your new "married" life together!

  3. happiest wedding weekend! and cheers to the start of a life lived both large and together.

    (and btw? the pic might be my favorite ever.)

  4. I assume you are now Mr and Mrs! How delightful! Can't wait to see the photo of the happy couple!


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