Happy 4th of July Weekend!

What are you lovely people up to on this 3-day weekend? Barbecues? Strawberry shortcake? Fireworks? For us, of course, it's not so much a holiday weekend as it is the Weekend Before Our Wedding! Our first guest arrived yesterday, and the parents all get in on Sunday (on 3 separate flights—we'll be getting to know the City Airport Train quite well). It's all happening! As of today, CM and I have been together 3 1/2 years. Might as well sign on for life, I say.

Some linky goodness for your weekend:

I can't get enough of these cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. Beautiful.

This is what we're drinking at cocktail hour this week, with the Pimm's CM bought me in London.

Mildly unsuitable for work, this series makes me laugh. I especially like this one, and it's perfect for Canada Day because it stars Nathan Fillion (aka Castle).

I picked up some of this in Paris, and I love it! Thanks for the hot tip, Gwyneth.

The perfect quinoa salad. I like to use double the sweet potato and half the scallions.

Papa Bossy sent me this sweet picture he took of their couch. Isn't it funny? It truly is cat safari at their place.

Hope your weekend is full of fresh berries, family picnics, and sparklers! xoxo LMB


  1. Our holiday weekend: 6 airports, 5 countries, 5 airplanes. But what a great destination!

  2. The CAT is actually much more expensive than taking the S7 from Landstrasse. Just a tip:)

  3. I'll be spending my weekend having two performances and my first day off in 40-odd days!

  4. What a memorable weekend this is all around the family! And how lucky we are to be able to communicate so beautifully with all of our technology!
    I'm hangin' around as long as possible to see what's next! Keep keepin' us posted! Love to all, Mom


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