Becca & Craig • May 27, 2006

On what date did you get married?
May 27, 2006

What do you remember most from your wedding?
It was our happiest day to date. The entire day couldn't have been more perfect—the ceremony, the party, and especially the people. We were overwhelmed by the love and support that surrounded us and were so grateful for everyone who traveled from all corners of the country to be with us. It was amazing to have so many people from so many different parts of our lives gather together in one place. 

Specific memories— We both remember the first time we saw each other that day. Becca remembers the desserts at the reception. Craig remembers the music at the ceremony. Becca remembers how hot it was standing in an unairconditioned church in Philadelphia—Craig doesn't recall this as vividly. Craig remembers Becca falling while dancing the "Cotton Eye Joe"—consequently, she limped her way through the honeymoon. Becca remembers the ice cream cones that were served to cleanse the palate between dinner courses. Craig remembers how hard it was to collect all of the family in one place to take pictures. We both remember our first dance. Craig remembers how happy Becca and her father were during their dance. We both remember the toasts with great fondness. More than anything, we both remember feeling very lucky, grateful, and humbled by the day's events that have continued to provide happy memories.

What's your advice for building a happy and fulfilling marriage?
Communicate. Share as many dinners together as possible. Find out who does which chores better and stick to that plan. When in doubt, try to laugh. Learn from other happily married couples. When one member of the team is down, it's the other's turn to rally.

Anything you know now that you wish you had known when you got married?
Hm m m m m . . . . . . . we can't imagine having all “the answers” without learning things along the way together. To discover these unknowns together is one of the greatest parts of being married. I don't think either of us would want it any other way. 


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