Paris by iPhone

We just got back from 4 glorious days in Paris, and I thought it might be fun to show you some of the iPhone shots I took, while I'm going through and editing the ones from my big-girl camera. Sometimes it's so much easier to just whip out my iPhone, especially when it's raining, or my bag is full of water bottles and maps sitting on top of my camera, or I'm just tired. I generally use the Hipstamatic app—anybody have any suggestions for others to try? You can click any of the pictures to see them bigger.

On the RER train from the airport
Bird whisperer in the Tuileries
CM living up to his name...
...even in the rain
Rainy street by Notre-Dame
Elevator button in our hotel
Wine in baby bottles—that's normal, right?
Tour Eiffel, obvs. View from the Trocadero
Enjoying the best ice cream in Paris
Moules frites

 If you're in the mood for more, check out my photos and posts from last time.

Ah, Paris...


  1. Fun. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I like Hipstamatic as well, but I have been using Camera+ more and more. It has neat features like stabilization and burst mode. I like the editing features and that things aren't saved to the camera roll until I'm ready to work on them.

  2. Oh what fun pictures! I just got back from two weeks in France and Switzerland and am getting caught up on the ol' blog reader, so I just saw this. I was in Paris June 14-16 -- looks like we just missed each other! I used Instagram to share my pics and loved it. Here's a web view:


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