Happy weekend!

My dearests, what are you up to this weekend? CM and I are heading out of town (again) for a couple nights. We got a Groupon (Vienna has Groupon!) for this hotel a couple hours away. Doesn't it look magical? The Groupon includes dinner and breakfast both days, and we're planning to relax, get work done, and maybe go for a hike or two. I might even get a massage while we're there. Heaven.

A few links for your weekend:

This is what we're drinking for cocktail hour tonight. It's mildly labor-intensive, but totally worth it. Make sure you shake it enough so it gets frothy. Yum.

We're having a flower girl at our wedding, and although I'm not picky about what she wears, I've been looking around the web for ideas. There are so many cute dresses out there for little girls!! Look at this one. And this one. And this one! Do they come in my size?

Camera bags for girls! Although I'm still loyal to mine.

This is everything that's awesome about marriage. Amazing.

Is there anyone funnier on the internet than The Bloggess? Show them to me now, please. I have now read this post three times and also stared at CM while he read it once. I have died laughing every time.

Here is a completely candid, not posed at all picture of CM eating a macaron in Paris.

Hope your weekend is full of lazy days, pink cocktails, and caprese salad! xoxo LMB

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