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CM and I love to watch TV shows on the computer in bed before we go to sleep. Our latest obsession is Castle, a fun crime show about a mystery writer (Castle) who shadows a homicide detective (Beckett) during her investigations. There's lots of romantic/sexual tension and witty banter à la romantic comedies from the '40s. Plus gruesome and intriguing murder story lines. We love it. We talk about Castle and Beckett like they are our real friends, and we're even developing a (patent pending) drinking game to play while watching.

Only trouble is, we have now watched every episode of Castle that exists (3 seasons), and we need something else to watch before bed. What TV shows are you enjoying? I'm leaning toward picking another crime show, but I'm open to any and all suggestions. What have you got for us?


  1. My fiance and I love Castle too! Can you believe the season 3 finale?!?!? I would love to know the rules of your drinking game.

  2. game of thrones

  3. What about the Mentalist? I'm sure I could think of more if I could think properly right now.

  4. This is not a drama at all, but we kind of loved Parks and Recreation. ?
    Adding Castle to the list now...

  5. this is also not AT ALL a drama, but it's a keeper: bob's burgers.

  6. I love that Nathan Fillion. I follow him on Twitter and he is a hoot. For more Nathan Fillion there is of course Firefly, but that will only get you 13 episodes (stupid FOX).

    You could also try Bones or Numb3rs, two dramas that are in heavy rotation on my Netflix Instant.


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