Wills and Kate (plus LMB)

Soooo... will you be watching the Royal Wedding tomorrow?  I know for most of you, doing so would mean an EXTREMELY early wake-up time, and although I am quite excited about it, I am probably not 4am excited. I am, however, definitely 12 noon excited, which is when the wedding will begin Vienna time.

I'm having a couple girlfriends over for tea, finger sandwiches, and scones while we switch back and forth between CNN and BBC (and maybe an Austrian channel or two for Deutsch practice). I'm thinking of wearing a dress, and I will not be wearing a hat ONLY because the ones I own are either made of stretchy wool or have the names of baseball teams emblazoned on them.

I've been reading lots of trivia about the wedding, as have you. (If you say you haven't, I will call you a liar. Or maybe you don't have internet. But then how are you reading this blog? No, the only explanation is that you're lying.) I especially enjoyed this article about British weddings, which happens to be written by a friend of mine from elementary school. I'm fascinated that British bridesmaids are generally children. That must make for some awkward bachelorette parties.

I'm looking forward to the dress, the crowds, and the general spectacle of the thing. Plus, I've been wondering what to do with that extra £20 million we've got floating around in the wedding budget, so I'll be taking notes, of course.

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  1. I have morphed from not even knowing or caring they were getting married, to being excited and actually considering napping until 3am to watch. It's amazing what media can do to me! Great post, Louisa, and congrats on the engagement! Have fun watching the ceremony and drinking tea with the ladies.

  2. I am definitely excited and I will also be getting up at 4 a.m. Oy! I'm actually sleeping in an hour because coverage starts in Houston at 3 a.m.

    This is a continuation of my childhood. My mother woke me up to watch Diana's wedding. I was 9 years old and it is a very strong memory. I have to get up to watch her son get married.


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