Right place, right time

One of the best weeks in recent memory ended with an epic journey: from Vegas to Chicago, 4 hours in the Hilton at the airport, from Chicago to New York, 4 hours wandering bleary-eyed through Manhattan, New York to Vienna, and what felt like 4 hours of dragging our suitcases home from the airport (but was actually more like 1 hour). Let me say, we are very happy to be home. I get to stay here about 3 weeks this time, but I'm settling in like it's my job.

I'm home in Vienna at just the exactly right time. Our week in Vegas was hot hot hot (not that we cared, as the sun did nothing to detract from our enjoyment of our adorable niece, whose picture you will all be tiring of soon, I think), and our few hours in New York coincided with ugly, cold, wet, MISERABLE weather. We actually left and went to JFK early, just so we could get out of the mess.

Vienna, on the other hand, is like an advertisement for itself, all tulips and blooming trees and sunshine. Everyone's out enjoying the weather, and all the good things about this city are even better. The parks! The benches! The outdoor caf├ęs! The gelato! It would be hard not to be in a good mood, despite the jet lag and the all-over body soreness.

So, I won't be wasting nearly so much time sleeping as I usually do. Instad I'll be spending as much time outside as possible, reading on park benches, exploring on a Citybike, taking long walks with CM, and throwing our windows wide open.

Spring in Vienna. What could be better?

Oh, and LOOK!

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  1. Save some of that Spring for July, ja, bitte?


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