A Week at a Time: Morning pages

Well, the evening clean-up week was a great success, except for that one night, when I took Nyquil at 8pm without thinking and fell fast asleep by 9:30. That night I did not clean the apartment. Otherwise, though, I made the effort to do it and it greatly improved the quality of my mornings. This one's a keeper.

This week my goal is to write every morning. The idea is taken from The Artist's Way, which instructs you to write three pages long-hand first thing in the morning, for your eyes only. I'm not certain that mornings are the best time for me to write, or whether long-hand is better than typing, or whether three pages will be the magic number for me, but it seems like a good place to start. I've never kept a journal with any regularity, and I'd like to start doing more writing that's not for public consumption. So often writing here leads me to some sort of catharsis, but the times in which I am most in need of that are also the times in which I tend to blog less. So... morning pages.

I'm looking forward to it. Care to join me?


  1. First comment from a long time reader: I did follow you on that - sort of, as it was more academic based - lab report on pitch music performance memory of musicians - than creative, but I was writing first thing in the morning.

  2. I started to do the morning pages, but found it wasn't so much fun, so instead i am doing morning sketches, which i really enjoy.


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