Happy weekend!

I frittered away this week being sick in bed (again!) every minute I wasn't at work. I'm FINALLY starting to feel like myself again, so I'm making plans for an artsy weekend, complete with a night at the opera (closing night of Iphigénie) and the lovely Joyce's Carnegie Hall debut. Also lots of sleeping. What about you? Any big plans?

In case you're stuck inside:

Two of my favorite bloggers recently moved to France for a year (oh, they happen to be sisters, too). Check out Jordan, who is living in Paris with her hubby and two kids, and Gabrielle, who is living in Normandy with her hubby and SIX kids. Jealous?

I did this with my hair today and got lots of compliments. Try it, it's so easy.

I've been meaning to tell you about this for months now. It even makes my cloudy Manhattan tap water taste delicious.

The one thing that keeps me from pretending I actually know how to cook is my amateurish knife wielding. Thank goodness for the internet: How to dice an onion

Did you see our rings? :)

This week I became an aunt! I have to wait 5 more weeks to meet (and over-photograph) beautiful Josee, but here's a sneak peek from her birthday!

Hope your weekend is full to bursting with beautiful music making, classic cocktails, and good health! xoxo LMB


  1. It's Azalea Trail time so there will be lots of flower photographs in my future. Congratulations on your beautiful niece!

  2. It's the start of the Iditarod here in Anchorage, so I'll be taking pictures of that start, as well as pictures (hopefully) of the Running of the Reindeer. Fur Rondy is apparently the Mardi Gras of the Far North.


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