My Facebook News Feed has been chock-full of winter weather updates these past few days: from New York, from Chicago, even from Houston (what is the world coming to?)! My friends' photo albums all have names like SNOMG, and Snowpocalypse, and Thundersnow, and their status updates are all stories of snow days and rolling blackouts and canceled flights.

Not so here in Wien, where the weather has been bitterly cold but staunchly anti-precipitation. Or so I've heard. I'm officially in Hibernation Mode, savoring these last few days on the couch with my laptop, my kitty, and a blanket. It's become a running maybe not-so-funny joke that CM can't get me to leave the apartment no matter how hard he tries, so tonight I'm going to let him take me out to dinner (isn't that nice of me?), and then tomorrow we're going to see Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Phil (SO EXCITED!!), Saturday is CM's Billy Budd opening night, and Sunday we leave for Florence.

All worthy reasons to leave my cave, I guess.

But it's so nice and warm under this blanket...

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  1. I'm enjoying picturing you at the Dudamel concert. Will you get to meet him because you are a conductor sidekick?


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