Happy weekend!

Lordy, this week has taken its toll on me, and I still have a day of rehearsal left before the Free Day Holy Grail. I think I can, I think I can... Luckily, there's lots to look forward to on Sunday, including my first wedding dress shopping excursion (according to the experts I'm approximately 5 months late on this one—cross your fingers for me, won't you) with The Wise Soprano in tow, and watching the Oscars with My Gay Husband and new friends. Will you be watching?

Some weekendy linky goodness:

Have you checked out Matchbook yet? The second issue comes out next week!

I've been drinking this tea just about every moment I'm at home. Like right now, for example.

I loved this article Nigella Lawson wrote about her kitchen. "If a kitchen is not comfortable nor will you be."

I have babies on the brain even more than usual (hard to imagine, I know), because CM's sister is getting ready to pop (which will make me an AUNT any day now)! My friend Hannah's getting close, too—look at her beautiful belly!

How are you doing according to this marital rating scale? I think I have a pretty good sense of humor (wouldn't you call me "jolly and gay"?), but I'm definitely falling down in the button-sewing and sock-darning departments. And I rarely dress for breakfast.

I love this picture, Models in Windows by Ormond Gigli from 1960, don't you?

Sorry, it's already sold.

Hope your weekend is full of fresh flowers, buttermilk scones, and Oscar night excitement! xoxo LMB


  1. Bob and Coline and a couple other friends are coming over to watch the Oscars with me. Should be fun!
    Never miss that one. It really puts me in touch with the whole Hollywood scene reminding me of Dad and his work as a scenic artist in so many of the studios in Hollywood. He came home with great stories and he loved his work. Happy memories . . . .
    Glad to know you'll be watching too!

  2. Closing "La Boheme" and hoping to catch the delayed broadcast here in AK...


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