Happy weekend!

So apparently Monday is some kind of holiday? I hope that means you're planning lovely three-day weekends! If only holidays were observed in the opera world. Sigh. I'm working all day tomorrow, having dinner with The Banker, and spending my Sunday off doing fun things like brunching and movie-watching (I'm hoping to see this—it looks awesome). What about you?

The week sort of got away from me, and I didn't do hardly any of the things I had planned, like going through my Florence pictures, and telling you all about our trip, and…umm…posting. I promise to be better next week. Maybe.

Can I make it up to you in link love?

I think we may have picked our honeymoon destination. I'm not giving away the details just yet, but I will tell you that I hope to be driving one of these while we're there. Or maybe one of these.

My friend Erin from college is an amazing photographer. I loved this post where she gave away all her secrets for those incredible newborn shots.

My favorite part of wedding planning so far is trolling ebay and Etsy for special things we need (and many we don't). Some fabulous Etsy shops that have recently caught my eye: Cosas Minimas, Go Jump in the Lake, and Hannah Nunn. What are your favorites?

I saw Jessica Walter in the 59th St subway station yesterday. I took a surreptitious iPhone picture of her and then went home to watch some Arrested Development. Then I found this. Hilarious.

While I'm in New York, if you're missing daily pictures of Wien (and CM's aren't enough for you), I highly recommend Vienna for Beginners.

A big shout-out to Mama and Papa Bossy, who are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary today! You're an inspiration!

Here's a classic pic of the whole family in younger days:

Hope your weekends are filled with spring-like weather, outdoor caf├ęs, and colorful scarves! xoxo LMB

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