Happy weekend!

What are all you lovely people doing this weekend? Something romantic? My weekend is filling up fast: a preview for a Broadway show tomorrow (no, not that one), a German-speaking coffee date with my friend OperaDaddy on Sunday, followed by a proper catch-up with My Gay Husband. I'll also be attempting to sleep in later than 5am, the time at which I have snapped awake the past 2 mornings, and moving back into my sweet UWS sublet (a good thing considering my Met ID and office keys are still there—oops). Oh, and fondly remembering last year's kick-ass V-Day weekend (Red on Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, dinner at Jack the Horse, night at the Empire) and wishing for another.

Next week I'll be back with pictures and stories from Florence as well as a new Home on the Road interview!

In the meantime, some links for your weekend:

Yes, please. I will have 10.

I'm trying not to get too excited about the new Anthropologie wedding line that's launching Monday. It's not working. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

Amen, sister.

I've been following this series about how couples manage their money with great interest. Coupled readers, what do you do? I'm fascinated.

I am a recent convert to the glories of Aperol, so I loved this post over at Orangette.

Here's a picture of my blinky Bossy Cat on the bed. I'm missing her like crazy.

Hope your weekend is filled with romance, peppermint hot chocolate, and cozy sweaters! xoxo LMB

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