Frohes Wochenende!

We just got home, and I'm still on a high from the incredible concert we just saw. It was truly one for the books: Dudamel on the podium, the LA Phil rocking the hell out of some Mahler, in the Musikverein, which has got to have one of the best acoustics anywhere in the world (and…just Googled that…I was right). Also, my date was super hot.

What are you up to this weekend? Fun plans? I will be packing and getting ready, because we leave for Florence on Sunday(!) and when we get back I'll have about an hour at home before I leave for the airport to go to NYC (ack!).

Some links for your weekend:

I fell down a Google rabbit hole and ended up at A Creative Mint. Oh, I love it so. Pretty things make me happy.

Lemon meringue ice cream pie?!? Yes, please. Yes.

Kristen Schaal, can we be best friends? Call me.

I've had this for breakfast every day this week. With walnuts on top instead of sugar. Highly recommend.

On my wish list.

My 365 Project continues on apace. I made this little video to celebrate making it through the first month.

Hope your weekend is full of donuts, outdoor markets, and adventures! xoxo LMB

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  1. Wochened und Sonnenschein. Enjoy your heat wave!


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