Catch you on the flip side

The internet situation in Florence was, how you say, a bit sketchy. A friend of the New Oregonian advised her before she arrived that living in Italy was a lot like camping, and when it comes to the availability of wifi, it's kind of true. I cannot WAIT to tell you all about everything we saw, did, and ATE, not to mention everything you ever wanted to know about overnight trains.

But first I have to catch a plane to New York, so I'm going to log off so I can do that.

I'll be back tomorrow, friends, in some time zone or another.


  1. Dear Louisa - So glad you'll be back for a bit. Hope to talk with you by phone. Thank you for your input.
    Love you so much. Grandma

  2. I hope you arrive in the right place AND the right time zone.


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