Sick day

Just when I had adjusted to this time zone and normalized by sleep schedule, I got sick. I've been feeling it coming on for a few days, and last night I was finally felled by a wicked Erkältung that kept me in bed all day today, sleeping, reading, and miserable. The day didn't look all that different from last week—I didn't accomplish significantly less than usual or sleep significantly more. Somehow, though, a luxurious lazy day and a sick day feel miles apart, and I'm longing for an end to the latter and a return to the former.

In a brilliant stroke of terrible timing, I committed to starting a detox diet/cleanse today, just for the week, to see how it goes. I'm cutting out sugar, alcohol, and white flour, in the hopes that it will give me more energy, fewer cravings for pastries and gummy bears, and a svelter physique. Of course, today was the day I would have gotten organized and gone grocery shopping, both of which responsibilities my trusty CameraMan took over after his evening rehearsal was miraculously canceled. So I was able to start the diet today despite being sick, and was undoubtedly helped through the first day by having almost entirely lost my appetite.

Vienna is a good place to be if you love carbs, take it from one who knows. Cookies and tortes and marzipan, dumplings and spätzle and so much amazing bread…it's all here, and it's all delicious. I haven't baked much lately,  since I started developing my interest in cooking, but Friday night I was walking home from a late lunch with CM and friends when I was hit with an overpowering urge to make Strudel. For the first time. So I nipped into the Billa on my way home and picked up Strudelteig (strudel dough: this is a normal thing that exists here in the refrigerated aisle), Topfen (a cream cheese), and Vanille Zucker (vanilla sugar: everywhere here, though actual vanilla extract is nowhere to be found). I brought it all home, chopped up some apples we already had, and managed to whip up something resembling Strudel, all without a recipe.

It was fine. Not great, not amazing, just fine. I of course ripped the dough right off the bat (strudel dough's main characteristic is being very thin, supposedly so thin you should be able to read the newspaper through it, although I'm sure if I had tried that I would have ripped it even more). Also, I think I added too much egg to the Topfen, so the baked filling resembled nothing so much as apples with scrambled eggs. Still, we ate it (obvs), and I think it was not a bad first attempt. Next time I'll find a recipe.

Not this week, though.

(Insert sad trombone sound effect here).


  1. Poor little Bossy! Hope you're better soon. xox

  2. Totally delightful even when you're sick!

  3. You are absolutely right about lazy days being miles apart from sick days. I had a sick day on Friday, and while it looked the same from the outside from many days previous (me in my pajamas on the couch watching Netflix while it rained outside), it was oh so different on the inside. Hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. Thanks, all! Even through a thick fog of congestion, I can tell I'm on the mend.

  5. I am starting week 3 of no sugar, caffeine, alcohol, carbs (but I do eat oatmeal, bulger, and barley), flour, or processed food. Oh, and I'm also sick with the flu. That means lots of steamed vegetables instead of canned soup, clementines instead of processed orange juice, and Gypsy Cold Care tea. You can do it :)

  6. Timothy, that's amazing! You are so hardcore. I'm not sure I could muster up the willpower for that many rules. If you feel like sharing, what have you been generally eating?

  7. let's see... either bulger or oatmeal with raisins for breakfast every day. i usually allow a little 1% milk with it. lots of herbal tea (yogi detox and skin detox are my favorites). i snack on carrots and almonds throughout the day. sometimes peanuts, but only if they are raw (so many "dry roasted" peanuts have added corn starch and other crap). lunch is usually leftovers from last night's dinner: kale and squash (sauteed in olive oil) with barley, for example. or i'll throw some frozen vegetables in a tupperware with some pre-cooked barley or other whole grain (quinoa, too) and microwave it for lunch. clementines for snacks lately, to boost my vitamin C. oh, and vitamins per usual (spread out throughout the day so they get absorbed). bottom line is that i have to make most of my food, but can eat out if i know exactly what's in it. rather than drill servers on ingredients, i usually make a meal out of sides. fresh vegetables and fruit are best, but frozen are cheaper, so i try to make sure i always have a combination and don't get bored. i almost forgot - dessert! even though there are sorbets out the there that don't have added sugar, i like to mix frozen blueberries and raspberries with a little lowfat plain yogurt (the only other dairy i'm allowed). the fruit freezes the yogurt and makes a delicious treat.

  8. SO impressive. I'm intrigued—expect an email from me with more questions. :)


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