So pretty much since I got here I've been spending all my time either sleeping or batting my eyelashes at my fiancé, and honestly it's more of the former, since CM has a job to go to and all. It's just like this post, except there's no cooking involved. In my few waking hours, I'm just reveling in being here, in Vienna, finally in the same place as my sweet cat and my sweeter fiancé. It's been 4 months since we were last all together, and people, let me tell you, that is TOO DAMN LONG.

I'm also spending a fair amount of energy fighting these nesting impulses that are coming on something fierce. There's something about Vienna that makes me long to find, furnish, and decorate our dream apartment, despite already living in a gorgeous, fully furnished Wohnung.

There's this apartment directly across the street 1 floor down from us. They've got beautiful cats that sit on the windowsills and an incredible floor plan with a kitchen that opens onto their giant living room, and what looks to be 2 bedrooms down the hall. We've enjoyed spying on them since we moved in, and we've been coveting their square footage, and their high ceilings, and their hardwood floors. Well, yesterday there were moving trucks parked outside of their building, and men hoisting boxes and mattresses out the 2nd story window down to the trucks below. They're moving out! Tonight I watched as they cleaned their empty apartment and their cats wandered around freaking out.

Which is all to say that those nesting impulses have now taken on a very specific shape, and I'm fervently hatching a plan to move across the street. Only problem is, I can't find the apartment listed anywhere online, and I have no idea how to find out the price or whether it's even available. How is this done in a city where I've never seen a posted FOR RENT sign? Any ideas?

For now, I'm just going to keep spying, and mentally decorating the place with our own stuff. One thing I KNOW we would add:



  1. I absolutely hate to disturb your dreams but it is very unlikely that this apartment ever appeared on any free-for-rent list on- or offline. It´s much more likely that the owners of those beautiful cats told all their friends about their plans to move and that one of those friends had a friend who was so looking for a new apartment and was so happy when he got the chance to succeed his friend´s friends. That´s the way most good and payable) apartments get new renters. So, if you are seriously planning to move, ask ask ask each and everybody you stumble upon "Oh, you don´t happen to know a nice apartment that will need a new renter?

  2. Glad fr the return of fun posts like these. I need to leech some of your whimsy to make my posts more fun like yours.

    Enjoy being at home!!!

  3. Just have the locks changed while nobody is there...

  4. Oh, my husband is embarrassed cause I'm always trying to look into people's apts at night when their lights are on. I love to check it out! Your apt. is so cute! Similar to ours. And how nice is it that it's all furnished already and you don't live in Ikea land like us.

  5. Yes! You are delightfully whimsical,
    Little Ms. Bossy . . . . .


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