Old Man Winter sends a peace offering

Monday morning früh I awoke to a familiar noise that somewhere in my half-asleep brain I recognized as a snow shovel scraping against the sidewalk. I didn't have time to take that recognition to its logical conclusion before I fell back to sleep, though, so it wasn't until several hours later, as I sipped my morning coffee and glanced out the window, that I noticed something across the street. There was snow on the windowsills. And not only there. There was snow on the street, and snow piled up on the cars, and snow making all the pretty places even prettier.


I've been longing for warmer weather, for the Vienna of our arrival here, full of green lawns and blooming flowers, perfect for long walks and longer bike rides. I've started resenting Old Man Winter just about every time I zip up my puffy coat, or pull on a pair of bulky boots.

But I'm still a sucker for snow. Seeing snow falling outside the window makes me a kid again, longing for a Snow Day to spend sledding and making snow angels, or staying in my pjs reading.

Today when I woke up it was snowing again. And even though by midday the snow was melting and dripping on me from every building I walked by, it still felt like a Snow Day.


Sadly, there wasn't enough snow for sledding or snow angels.

Which is why I felt justified spending most of the day on the couch watching Big Love. In my pjs, obvs.

I guess Winter's not so bad.


  1. Winter is fun - I'm about to head to the land 'o winter myself!

    Happy snowy photo-taking!

  2. Hi Louisa,

    Here in NH we have had more than our share of snow this month - although maybe not as much as NYC. It is a pain to get through and dress for - but it is very pretty, especially when it's falling, and right after before it gets all grimy. And it's especially nice when you can laze around in your pjs and just look at it!


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