Happy weekend!

It turns out I'm leaving Vienna for New York a few days earlier than planned, so this is one of my last TWO weekends at home! I'm starting to get that panicked feeling—it's not enough time! We have lots of fun things planned for this one, including a Flickr meetup at the Zoo (we might actually make some friends) and a visit to a potential wedding location (cross your fingers for us, won't you?). What do you all have planned, dear readers? I'd love to hear.

Some links I've been saving up all week for you:

This video had CM and I falling off the couch laughing, and we've returned to it several times this week when we needed a boost. (via Cup of Jo)

Vienna is awesome. But don't take MY word for it. Everyone says so.

This map comparing US states to countries based on GDP and population is amazing. Apparently we live in Georgia. Huh. (via Sarah)

We've been eating this all week. SO GOOD. It's real winter comfort food, but not so terribly terrible for you.

I've posted a new Bossy Beat Club Mix, full of all the things I'm listening to these days. Right now I am especially loving Amos Lee's new album. Also Adele's new album 21 (but it's not available in the States yet—sorry).

I've also been busy updating my Flickr stream. I'm so happy to be back to photography—it's a joyous thing to have in my life.

Here's a bonus pic of the Bossy Cat, about to indulge in one of her favorite activities: chewing on plastic.

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with brisk walks, cozy cafés, and new friends! xoxo LMB


  1. What is this new "you might also like" feature on your blog? Do you choose what we might also like or is it the little guy who lives in the computer?

  2. Going to photography Forbidden Gardens in Katy (the place that has the Chinese soldiers replicas) because it is closing soon to make way for the grand parkway. Then going to see my high school kiddos in a production of Annie Get Your Gun. And sleeping!

  3. I'll be prepping my score for Boheme rehearsal and exploring new sights and things up here in Anchorage before rehearsals begin. And hanging out with some good friends! And taking photos of course!

  4. Mama: It's something new I'm trying. You like? The little guy in the computer makes some fascinating choices.

    Laurie: WHAT?!? The Forbidden Gardens is closing? I thought it would be around forever, decaying more and more. Sad. Hope you get some great shots!

    Ann: Enjoy chilly Alaska! (And say hi to Whitney for me). :)


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