Happy weekend!

What's on the docket for this weekend, my lovelies? I'll be attempting to recover from the full-body soreness brought on by one pass through Jillian's new workout (seriously), and we're hosting Sunday brunch at our place. The temperatures are dropping around here, so we might leave the apartment as little as possible.

I have a few links to share with you:

#88 on my Bossy List is Spend a night in a castle. Pretty please can it be Versailles?

Our Fairy Godmother shared this video on Facebook. It just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I love everything this store sells. I think I might need to make an appointment when I get back to NYC.

My dad told me about this guy who makes musical instruments out of ice. WHAT?!?

Oh goody!

And, for good measure, here's a picture of my sweet fiancé. He was so amazing to me this week as I lay around moaning about being sick, even though he had to work every day. And isn't he handsome?


Here's hoping your weekend is full of cozy blankets, easy workouts, and French toast! xoxo LMB

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