Grüß Gott, 2011!

Last night at 6pm New York time CM and I toasted via Skype, me with a glass of Austrian sparkling pinot noir and he with an Aviation. We toasted to three incredible years together, to many more to come, to 2011, the year of our wedding. In the background I could hear the faint sounds of fireworks exploding for the Viennese New Year.

At 12am New York time CM answered the phone still groggy from sleep. We toasted again, me with a cup of freshly brewed Sleepytime tea and he with his eyes closed, to the year ahead, to each other, to being lucky enough to find happiness. All around me were the deafening blasts of fireworks echoing against the highrises.

No parties, no drinking games, no drunken debauchery. Just the two of us, an ocean apart but celebrating together.

2011 is going to be a big year in the Bossy-Melear household. I have ideas and plans swirling around in my head, not quite ready to be articulated. I won't call them resolutions, per se, since the word carries with it certain failure, but I just might use the occasion of the new year to set a few goals.

During my annual year-end reckoning, I started thinking about little habits and activities I've done this year that have contributed immensely to my overall happiness. Rather than focus only on fresh starts, I want to make sure I recognize the things that work and stick to them. So in 2011, I will continue to • bring a full water bottle to rehearsal • write a good night email to CM every night we're not together • wash my makeup off before I go to bed • send books I enjoy to my mother • always bring my camera • make my bed in the morning • floss • wear earrings • read magazines on my free days.

I'm also, against my better judgment, trying a 365 project again, and CM's on board to do it, too (which has already prompted much jealousy on my part, and he's only posted 1 picture so far).

I spent the first day of 2011 doing whatever I wanted to, including a walk through Central Park, The Illusionist at the Paris with My Gay Husband (all is forgiven), and a leisurely night at home in my pjs. I think it bodes well for the rest of the year, don't you?

The blizzard happened less than a week ago, but in my neighborhood most of the actual snow is gone, leaving behind only a slushy, dirty mess and cranky pedestrians. In the park, however, there's still lots of snow left, with children playing and tourists gamely tromping through the fields. That won't last long, though; after today's high temps and tomorrow's forecasted rain, I doubt very much that this melty snowman family will survive the weekend.

1/365 (take 2)

Buongiorno, 2010
Bonjour, 2009


  1. Sounds like some good goals! I'm glad you're starting a 365 project again!

    I've started my own modified one... it'll be fun to see what happens for all of us!

  2. The toasting part of your post made me tear up - it says LOVE by every single letter. I wish you both that the love you feel for each other will last not only through 2011, but forever. And at least this faithful reader of both your and Melear´s blog is very pleased by your 365 project.

  3. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to your dual 365 projects. I get to live vicariously through your glamorous lives. :-)


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