The Famous Ferris Wheel Fiancée

We spend so much of our time apart, missing birthdays and holidays and opening nights and all the miniature events in between, that for me there is almost nothing so satisfying as being Fiancée Of for one of CameraMan's important days.

The first summer we were together I tagged along with him to the Trap instead of getting a summer job, and I constantly struggled with this very thing. I found it so frustrating to be introduced to new people and have them know me only as CM's Girlfriend. I wasn't sure I was all that interesting outside of the arena of work, and ultimately I think I didn't know how to be myself if I didn't have my job to remind me.

Tonight we went to the Konzerthaus to hear the orchestra from CM's undergraduate alma mater perform. They've been in town for several weeks, and he's had a few chances to see some of the faculty members and other alumni. Yesterday he attended a luncheon where he happened to mention to the President of the college that he had proposed on the Riesenrad. The President then shared that with the entire room, so tonight various strangers kept approaching us and asking if I was the one he proposed to, and congratulating us on our engagement, and asking about our lives here.

It was delightful. Truly. And I realized how much I've changed since that first summer. I don't have those struggles at all anymore. Our relationship is such a core part of me now that I know without a doubt that I am most myself when we're together, regardless of whether I'm working or not. Oh, I'll admit to a little vacation antsiness that creeps on after a few weeks without work. But there is still nowhere I would rather be than here with CM, reminding ourselves what day-to-day normal feels like, and available to be his date whenever he needs one.

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