Can we fast forward to the cake tasting part?

Friends, this weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster, and all I have to say is that it's a good thing I don't blog between Friday and Monday, because you would have had to experience the play-by-play, and at least in this case I think it's so much better to wait until I've sorted through it all and can present it to you all tied up with a bow.

The real low point was probably on Saturday afternoon when I updated my Facebook status to read Okay, who wants to plan our wedding? and then immediately commented Not it.

As a caveat, let me just say that (obviously) I am incredibly excited to get married to CameraMan. Not a day goes by that something, be it small or momentous, reminds me that it's the right next step for us—to put it simply, that we're made for each other. The mere idea of standing in front of the people we love most and making promises to each other makes me heart-swellingly giddy. I can even see a glimmer of a time when I will enjoy planning the day itself, when we're down to detaily goodness, like designing our wedding website, or tasting cakes, and shopping for shoes.

First, though, first thing is: THE VENUE. Before we can get to the fun part, we have to make this one crucial decision. And we've just come up against so many stumbling blocks looking for the right place, mainly that we are a) new in town, b) not entirely fluent in the local language, and c) on a bit of a deadline and feeling the pressure of choosing a place before I leave for New York in three weeks. After debating budgets and guest lists, last week we finally decided we could splurge on this perfect spot we had found in August, that seemed like it was beyond our price range, only to find out Friday that it was booked on our date. And a visit on Saturday to a quirky museum space that, in the end, just didn't feel right, left us both discouraged and despondent. Hence the status update.

But the thing about lows is that they can dependably be expected to be followed by highs, and this one was no exception. It started with friends from far away responding with encouraging words on FB. Sunday morning brought more hope with it, as our Vienna friends sat around our living room after brunch brainstorming and offering suggestions. And then last night, after a Skype conversation in which I, shall we say, expressed frustration, Mama Bossy did a little internet research and turned up what might be the absolute perfect location. I don't want to jinx it, of course, because we haven't seen it in person yet, but I am feeling hopeful. Which is a nice change.

The big lesson in this for me, the thing I will take away from the weekend, is that we don't need to this all by ourselves, but we also (probably) don't need to hire someone to do it, either, because we have so many talented, incredible people in our lives. It must be said, the moment I reached out for help, even in a flippant FB way, I started feeling better.

The other lesson is, of course, that we need more Wiener friends who already know this city.

And if we find some, we will lure them over for Sunday brunch, which I've decided is the best time to entertain, especially if you confine the menu to Things Prepared the Night Before so that you can still sleep in. This gorgeous Winter Fruit Salad was a big hit, and I highly recommend it. Also this.



  1. The best about this bit of stressful planning is that you're planning something wonderful. You guys are so great! Good luck!

  2. I deeply admire wedding planners -especially when you plan your own wedding! It takes courage and fortitude and faith! Good for you, future mr and mrs melear. You are THE BEST! Sounds like it will be


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