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My body's having an interesting reaction to the jet lag this time around. It's not that I'm sleeping at the wrong times; I'm sleeping all the time. No insomnia for me, no sir. I sleep through the night like a champ. Also the day. Sounds lovely and vacationy, doesn't it? Yes, it would be, if only it weren't so disorienting and groggy-making.

When I got to New York, I had hardly any symptoms at all: a slightly earlier wake-up time, a hint of early evening sleepiness. This is more like rehab in the movies, where we all shuffle in a line to get our meds fed to us at regular intervals. In that movie, I am definitely NOT the girl who pretends to take the pills but is actually hiding them in the side of her mouth so that she can feel more lucid and alive. I am everyone else.

The only thing that's dragging me out of bed every day is some sort of pathological need to cook and shop for food to cook. CM's schedule here is totally new and different: rehearsal 10a-1p, then a mandatory 4-HOUR break in the afternoon, and then either rehearsal 5p-8p or performance duty. It's a whole new world over here in Yurp. Since 5-8 is an awkward time range around which to schedule dinner, we've been having our big meal for lunch instead. I have taken on the preparation of lunch as my own personal mission, and I've actually been enjoying it. This week I've made the aforementioned potato salad, spaghetti with that delicious tomato sauce, roasted mustard chicken legs, mac and cheese (which involved an exciting trip to Cheese Land), and tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Dinners are generally smaller: platters of cheese and crackers, leftovers, or our new favorite Viennese specialty, Berner Würstel, which is WURST wrapped in BACON and injected with Emmenthaler CHEESE.

So, mostly, we're eating cheese and cheese-related products.

Besides the excessive sleeping (as you all roll your eyes and demonstrate the world's smallest violin with your fingers), the domestic life is suiting me just fine, and I'm none too eager to get on another plane and fly away in less than a week. Perhaps I need to contemplate a career change.

Is Stay-at-Home Fiancée a thing?


  1. This is EXACTLY how I react to traveling West-East to Yurp from NY. This is why God gave us force us to get up to hunt and gather! You may find that midday is actually a very healthy and satisfying time of day to have the big meal. The small meal, after your Naschmarkt honeymoon is over, will, I am sure, eventually evolve from being ganz cheese-haft.

    cheers from Laurie in Torino, and many CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL OF IT!!!!

  2. You could always have your own cooking show filled with beautiful pictures and recipes of tempting food!

  3. Your wonderful enthusiasm makes me wish I were still cooking!

  4. Having time to cook is a wonderful thing. I wish my roommate was home more so I could cook for more than just me.

  5. Laurie: Thanks!! Maybe we'll run into each other over here some time.

    Grandma Bossy: I'll leave the cooking shows to the cooks. :)


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