Happy Friday!

We're trying to keep things upbeat over here, even though the sad truth is that this weekend is the weekend when I leave Vienna (but only for 10 days this time!), on Sunday morning, to be exact. So we'll be having as much fun as possible for the next 2 days. Tonight we're celebrating our Fairy Godmother's birthday. Tomorrow, we'll head back to the Naschmarkt for breakfast (yum!), and we're contemplating taking a hydrofoil down the Danube to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. We are jet-setters. What are you up to, lovely readers?

Besides clicking on these links, that is:

Currently providing me with a laugh out loud moment every single day: Catalog Living. Enjoy.

This is the bike I would like to ride around Vienna. Of course, it costs approximately 1 million dollars. I have expensive tastes.

I'm planning to make this some time very soon. But first, we're trying Kaiserschmarrn in a bag. I heart Dr. Oetker.

Jan Benzel, an editor at the Times who's just about to move to Paris, is using her last few weeks in NYC to try all the things she's never done and writing about it here. Most recently, she wrote about the Shake Shack, which I will definitely be visiting next week. I'm suggestible like that.

We're talking about honeymooning in Scandinavia next summer. I'm campaigning to do this. Like I said before about the expensive tastes.

Hope your weekend is filled with fresh berries, bike rides, and sunshine! xoxo LMB


  1. Well, as usual, my weekend isn't as exciting as yours. I'm attending a photo scavenger hunt at one of the best botanical gardens in the world, hopefully attending the Festival of Nations and making designer/fancy cupcakes on Sunday. And continuing working on a baby afghan cross-stitch project for one of my besties.

    As always, pictures and stories from your adventures! P.S. I'd be lobbying for your choice of honeymoon too. Looks exciting.

  2. No matter how much time you have in New York you do not have enough to waste in line (often inexplicably long) for slightly above average burgers at Shake Shack.

    Go for a walk on the Highline instead.

  3. Anonymous (whoever you are): Them's fightin' words! I go to the one on the UWS, where the line is never all that long. Plus, there are park benches right across the street which are the perfect spot to devour the (pretty good, I think) burger. :)


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