The Bossy Cat & Mr. Hyde

Okay, first of all, let's just get this out of the way…I haven't blogged in an epically long time. Plenty of time, in fact, for all loyal readers to either find a suitable LMB replacement or just lie around pining for a post. Well, pine no longer (and COME BACK!!), for I have returned. The thing is (and isn't this always the way?), just as my life was getting really blogworthy, I had absolutely no time to blog. It's been an exciting couple of weeks. We opened our incredible show (I am planning more on this in the future, but in the meantime, do read our kick-ass review in the Times. I'm proud.) Also, the Bossy Folks came to visit me in Santa Fe, saw the show twice(!), learned the difference between red and green chile, and gawked at the gorgeous sunsets. That was fun. And then I made almost the entire drive to Houston in one long day, caught up with friends, and tried not to die from the fatal combination of heat AND humidity. Yesterday I flew back to DC and reunited with CameraMan, and that pretty much brings us to the here and now. Phew.

The here and now is a wild and crazy place, I have to tell you. We are in full on FREAK OUT PANIC mode, all because we are leaving WEDNESDAY. For VIENNA. I'm sorry, but we are in an all caps world right now, people. Also in a multiple exclamation points world. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm feeling it, CM is most definitely feeling it, and although it wasn't immediately clear to the naked eye, evidently Bossy Cat is feeling it too. How do I know? Because during a routine check of her vital signs at the vet's office this morning, she transformed into what can only be described as a Devil Cat. What? you ask incredulously. How is that possible? This Bossy Cat? Umm…YES. That sweet beautiful face is hiding a monstrous demon who has lain dormant for 4 long years, just waiting for the right moment to emerge and scare the sh*t out of her mother. It started with hissing, moved on to growling, followed by unholy banshee screaming and the grand finale of biting me hard on the hand. After muttering "She frickin' hates me" and calling in an assistant who shall henceforth be known as the Cat Whisperer, the vet wrapped up the examination as quickly as possible. Was it my imagination, or did he seem relieved, even EAGER to sign the documentation allowing Bossy Cat to leave the country? Also, he gave us extra cat tranquilizers, "just in case."

On the bright side, having to speak German on a daily basis is no longer the most stressful thing about this move.


  1. Way to find the silver lining! Hopefully that was the one and only Devil!Cat appearance from BossyCat.

    So excited for you to enter this new chapter in your lives and to 'go with you' via the blog.

    Panic not! You can do it! It will all get done and you're going to look back and laugh!

    Enjoy and if you don't blog again before you leave... safe travels! And I'll cross my fingers that Devil!BossyCat stays hidden.

    Can't wait to see the pictures, of course!

  2. BossyCat turns out to be the heroine of the piece. Incredible!
    And you even have the time and talent to blog about it. Thank you, Louisa.
    You guys are definitely the best show in town. We breathlessly wait for more!
    You make this grandmother so proud......and delighted.
    Next stop -- Vienna! Have a wonderful flight. With love to all three of you...

  3. I guess you have an intercontinental mix prepared on your ipod; relaxing, but loud enough to drown out the screams of the bossy cat - just kidding ;-)

    Have a great last day in Vienna, and a great trip to Vienna!

  4. I wish you & your CameraMan & especially your wonderful cat a safe and smoothe flight and a perfect start of your life in Vienna. In case you have any questions concerning the Austrian way of life and language - just ask. It would be my pleasure to help you if I can. Toi toi toi!!!


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