LMB's guide for the Baby Krazy

So, say you are (a) Baby Krazy and (b) in a committed relationship, but (c) not yet ready to have a baby. Not sure about the do's and don'ts? Let me help you out.

  • DO giggle at videos of your friends' babies doing adorable ridiculous things. That's harmless.

  • DO share those videos with your significant other, as long as you share an equal or greater number of videos involving practical jokes, stand-up comedians, and cats jumping into and out of boxes. It's not about the BABIES, see? It's about the FUNNY.

  • DO use Facebook as a stalking tool, in order to create graphs of exactly what percentage of your high school friends, college friends, grad school friends, and people you're not sure you've ever actually met already have babies. It's good to be informed, am I right?

  • DO stare straight ahead when walking through the baby sections of department stores. Seeing those itty bitty hats and those eensy weensy socks and those wittle baby onesies will NOT help. Trust me.

  • DO watch movies that highlight either the pain of childbirth, the impossibility of being a working mother, or the indignity of being in such close contact with another human's poop. Or preferably all 3. That'll take the K out of your krazy.

  • DON'T go see Babies with your boyfriend. Just. DON'T.



  1. Yay! I'm so glad that Clark is blog-worthy for people who aren't Hannah and I!!!

  2. when there IS a little louisaeric, it's going to be one witty and talented kid.

  3. You're right! Babies are totally enchanting! And interesting! And hilariously funny! And adorable, and a daily work-in-progress.
    Being Baby Krazy is just a forerunner for great parenting. The world really loves a baby lover!
    And I think your baby kraziness is all of the above.....
    Grandma Bossy
    Where are the babies? Don't worry, they're here........

  4. It's good you don't live in a land with awesome healthcare, because that would just be another tempta...um...never mind.


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