The kind of thing that keeps me up at night

What do people who smoke crack say when food is so good it's addictive? They can't possibly say it's "like crack," right? Because that would be ridiculous?

"OMG, have you had the peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe's? I can't stop eating them—they're like crack."

"Seriously?!? And you can get that sh*t at a GROCERY STORE? How do you smoke it? In a pipe? Or do you do that thing with the spoon and the lighter?"

"No, no, I guess I wasn't clear. I just meant they're really good. Eating them makes me want to eat more. Other than that, they actually have nothing in common with crack. They're just pretzels, for God's sake."


I'm thinking my first novel is probably going to be about drug addicts, given my affinity for their speech rhythms and slang.


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