Happy weekend!

First and most importantly, happy birthday to Mama Bossy! You know she's my mother because to celebrate the day she and Papa Bossy traveled several hours to see a production of Wozzeck. What do you all have planned for the weekend? We start rehearsals Monday morning, so I'll be taking it easy as much as possible, until Sunday night when we have one of Santa Fe's famous 9pm to 2:30am tech sessions. Apparently the temperature sometimes drops below freezing, and there's a meal served at midnight. Exciting stuff.

Until then...

I loved this article about little boys auditioning to be Billy Elliot. It's an intense process!

This is amazing. Just. Amazing.

I can't wait until we're living in Europe just a stone's throw from all the beautiful places.

I totally forgot to brag that CameraMan had a photo credit in the Washington Post! It's little online, but in the paper his picture was enormous! He is a rock star. I always wanted to be a rock star's girlfriend.

I waited too long, and now this dress doesn't exist in my size anymore. Sad.

Hope your weekend is filled with fresh berries, and lemonade, and freckles. xoxo LMB

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  1. Happy weekend to you! We've opened show #1 tonight (Friday) and show #2 tomorrow (Saturday). Then its show 2 of show #1... confused yet? So are we...


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