Happy weekend!

I just blinked my eyes, and it was Friday again! What do you all have planned this weekend? My biggest priority is giving my body a bit of a rest. After weeks, nay months of the occasional desultory gym visit, this week I have been to the gym twice, done Jillian's Yoga Meltdown twice, and played tennis THRICE! That's right, 7 workouts in 5 days. My poor unfit body doesn't quite know what hit it. CM has a day off tomorrow, and it remains to be seen whether we work up the strength to do anything other than lazing on the couch all day. Tonight is the opening of the summer's 1st opera. I saw final dress on Wednesday, so I probably won't see the actual performances this weekend. That will not, however, stop me from attending cast parties on CM's arm.

Perhaps next week I'll do some actual blogging instead of just silliness. Sorry, no promises. Until then...

We're planning a weekend getaway to Prague in August. We booked a room in this hotel. Oh, I'm so excited!

Our Fairy Godmother is blogging about her own move to Vienna. She's already over there starting work and scouting apartments. It's hard not to be jealous—I'm ready to be there.

I am endlessly amused by Improv Everywhere (creators of the pantsless subway ride). Here's their latest (via Cup of Jo).

I liked this article about how you should treat your spouse like you treat your pet. I've been trying it: using a really high voice to talk to CM, feeding him treats when he's well behaved, and bopping him on the head when he does something bad. It's going really well so far.

The Summer Bossy Beat Club Mix is up. Enjoy!

Hope your weather is gorgeous, your cocktails are cold, and your laughter is just a little too loud this summer weekend. xoxo LMB


  1. We have a MACBETH stumble-thru (something between a spacing rehearsal and a piano tech) so its going to be a helluva weekend. Still heading into the month without a day off.


    Relax some for me... and Happy Opening to CM!

  2. I'm the Fairy Godmother for real? This makes my entire morning!! Don't know if you got my text yesterday - Vienna will never be the same once you and EM get your cameras here. I am looking forward to that, among other things.
    x kz


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