72 hours later

72 hours ago I was winding down after a day in D.C. with CameraMan, my last for a while. We started out with lunch at our new favorite chicken place, where CM's old friend quickly became my new one. We stopped for a quick browse through the Portrait Gallery, and then we saw an afternoon showing of the best movie I can remember watching in a very long time. In fact, it's going straight onto my Favorite Movies of All Time list, it was that good. It's called The Secret in Their Eyes. It's from Argentina, and it won Best Foreign Film at the most recent Oscars. GO SEE IT. Just do it. It's the kind of movie that made me want to stay in the dark and cry for an hour after the credits rolled, but instead we went for another delicious tapas meal (bacon wrapped dates, I love you).

48 hours ago I was in the WienerLover's apartment in Houston, after a morning in Virginia jam-packed with errands, a farewell lunch at Chick-fil-A (obvs), a 3-hour flight on a tiny plane with far too much turbulence, and a lovely homecoming with Little Ms. Hardcore and Baby Shelby.

24 hours ago I had already gotten an oil change, repacked my stuff, dropped by HGO to get the gossip and pick up a few things, driven halfway to Santa Fe(!), and found myself in the charmless town of Childress, TX, with my food choices limited to McDonald's, Walmart, and Sonic. I went to bed early with a stomach ache after choosing the latter.

And now? I'm in paradise, aka Santa Fe, in my adorable house with the desert breezes wafting through every open window. CaliBoy's picking me up for dinner soon, and work starts tomorrow. Lucky me, I get to be here for the next 5 weeks.


  1. Nandos is HUGE over here. We have one on every corner. I still haven't tried it though...eek

  2. 72-48-24, great plot! And - you guess right - I like that you got the oil change before the trip. And not in Childless, TX.

    Although, the Sonic drive-in probably has an oil spigot somewhere in the back...

    See you in 4 eeks!

  3. Gotta love those transitional days. Sounds like some fun.

    Sorry Sonic gave you a stomachache - there are some decent things to be had, but you have to know what to get.

    Have fun this summer!

  4. rosejean goddardJune 28, 2010 at 5:26 PM

    Your wishes came true.
    Your mom and dad had a wonderful time in Astoria on your mom's birthday.
    Love you, Grandma Bossy.


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