T minus 12 days

I was so happy to be home last night, and the Bossy Cat was so purry and needy, and the Chick-fil-A was so tasty, and the TiVo was so full of awesomeness, that I sort of just didn't notice that the apartment was in a total shambles. When I woke up this morning, walked downstairs, and looked around, though, it hit me like, oh, I don't know, a GIANT MOVING TRUCK. Every room had several half-packed boxes, there were CDs stacked couch-high in the living room because we've been trying to add everything to the Muller-Melear Media Library before packing it, and upstairs every inch of floor was covered with books that have to be sold at the used bookstore, just as soon as we get some more crates and boxes to hold them. I've been feeling like we're on top of things, doing at least a little bit every day, but clearly we have got to step up our game in a big way if we are actually going to move out of this apartment in 12 days. TWELVE DAYS, people! Yikes.

Today was CM's last day in Canadia. Poor guy, his connecting flight from Detroit was delayed for ages, and the Delta website finally says he's "In flight," but not arriving until after midnight. On the bright side, I had the apartment to myself all day, so I could tackle that epic to-do list with no distractions. I uploaded CDs and packed them. I sealed and labeled boxes. I washed sheets and towels and the cat pillow. I emptied the litter box and swept the floors. I wiped down countertops and did dishes. I got more boxes and packed up my winter clothes. I took inventory of what still needs to be done. I fielded emails about next week's Tosca rehearsal schedule. It was a very productive day.

And now I'm on the couch, Bossy Cat stretched across my wrists, looking around the living room. The piles of CDs are gone, and the room is cleaner, but I'm having a hard time suppressing the panic rising in my chest. It feels like we will never finish everything in time.

Obviously, it's time to stop for the night. Time to snuggle the kitten on the couch, eat a bowl of ice cream, and see what's happening in the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite.

Good night.


  1. Sounds like a day very well spent being productive... less than a fortnight, incredible!

    You'll get everything done in time, I know you will.

  2. rosejean goddardMay 12, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    You are incredible! Sounds like at least a week's worth of getting things done -- not just ONE DAY!

    Grandma Bossy.......

  3. I suddenly remembered while reading this that we never picked up all those glasses what we were meant to "pick up later"... Do you still need to off-load those?


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