Happy weekend!

I'm snuggled up on my couch watching the Tosca archival DVD while a thunderstorm rages outside. It seems like the right atmosphere. What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow's my first day of staging—I'm working with the children's chorus and the supers to get a head start on Miller week. Tomorrow night we're going to a cookout with the Fat Guys, and Sunday is our last day to get some serious packing done before our entire week is consumed by Tosca. I am freaking out. A lot.

Some links, to distract you from whatever freaking out you're doing:

Several of my close friends have recently entered the blogosphere. You should check out Little Ms. Hardcore, The WienerLover, and Soulmate when you get a chance.

Also, my family is awesome. Look at what Aunt Bossy and the Bossy Cousins are up to. Also, I'm crossing my fingers for the Oregon elections coming up next week. The Bossy Folks have been extremely active on one particular issue. Mama Bossy even wrote a song.

So happy the NY Times is showing Houston some love.

My big dilemma at the moment? Who to go with to see this movie. I saw the last one with The Wise Soprano, and while I love her dearly, she was the wrong choice. This time around I'm looking for a date who will not lean over to say "REALLY?" every 5 minutes.

Don't these look ridiculously good? If only I wasn't in the process of putting my kitchen in storage, I would totally make these for Sunday brunch.

See you Monday for the beginning of Miller Week!


  1. Happy Weekend, yourself...

    I'll be finishing up my 365 project, finishing up the photobook of said project (which, BTW, is way exciting - and if you ever want to make a photobook, I have a recommendation) and celebrating my birthday... and playing with my birthday present: an iPad. :)

  2. You mean Camera Man doesn't want to see that movie? I thought he was perfect! LOL. It will probably be one of the few movies I see in the movie theaters this year.

  3. The Wise Soprano sounds like a perfect date for me to see that movie.

  4. OMG Kim Cattrall!! Nancy and I will go with you!


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