The beginning of the end

Oh, the past few weeks have been delicious. Couch time and Lucy time and CameraMan time and friend time, with no pressing obligations except for the Great Purge of 2010. I've gotten a little spoiled, honestly. It's been such a luxury to be able to try new recipes, and read magazines, and watch so much Gilmore Girls it's embarrassing. Never before have I been so happy to NOT have a job.

Of course, the main reason I can enjoy my time off so shamelessly is that I know when my next job (and my next paycheck) is coming. And it's coming soon! The mainstage season is almost over, and following directly on the heels of the last performances is the beginning of Tosca. Yes, we're back to Tosca, this time with me directing and CM conducting. We're doing 2 free performances at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park here in Houston. I actually had a meeting about it yesterday with BrandNewMiniCooperGirl (the Stage Manager) and Little Ms. Hardcore (the Assistant Director), in which I threw about 80 million questions at them and did my best impression of calm.

Miller week is always a bit crazy. Two years ago is the last time I was directly involved. Last year I got to experience it one step removed, as the Maestro's girlfriend, but this year I'm diving right in again. One day of rehearsals in a room with no props, 2 nights onstage with the piano, 1 orchestra dress rehearsal, and then we're in performances! When I look at it written down that way, I kind of want to throw up, but the lawn is always packed, and the singers always rise to the challenge, and the shows always turn out great, so I'm crossing my fingers that will happen this year, too.

And in the meantime, I'll be taking a vacation, heading to Southern California on Thursday for a nice long weekend with family. CM leaves tomorrow for a quick visit to see his own family (Papa Bossy's calling it our "Farewell Tour"). Then he comes home for a day (while I'm still in Cali) before flying to Canada for another gig. When he gets back we'll have just a couple days before we start rehearsals.

Suddenly this all just got very real.


  1. Isn't it nice to not have a job. I'm doing similar things, though not on quite the scale you are. I'm not purging my posessions (though that's not a bad idea) nor am I moving to another country - but downtime is a lovely thing.

    Miller Tosca will go fabulously, I have no doubt on you, CM, BNMCG, LMH or any others working on the show. You'll all rock it like you always do.

    And thanks for linking to that Refuge story... brought back memories...

  2. What a blast - Maestro Melear and Director Muller!
    Wish we all could be there.
    And going back two years to read your blog from that date was ever so satisfying. You've really got it together, Little Ms Bossy!
    You'll be here soon for your short visit. It will be great to be together. Love you, Grandma


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