There's no place like home

To be honest, I didn't have that great of a time in New York. I can tell you this now, because at the moment I'm cozily ensconced in the most comfortable couch in the world, snuggling under the softest blanket in the world, with the cutest cat in the world. I don't think I even realized how much I needed to be home until the plane took off. At the exact moment those wheels lifted off the ground, I felt a palpable whoosh! of relief, and every muscle I didn't know was tensed suddenly relaxed. It was a heady sensation, and it still hasn't abated. I'm HOME! And it doesn't even matter that home is temporary, and will soon be packed in boxes and sold, stored, or shipped across the world. I am so very happy to be here.

The past couple months have been hard. Work was stressful and difficult, the city and the weather wore me out, and I was more lonely than I liked to admit. It wasn't all bad, of course—the show got better and better with every performance, the spring finally arrived and was glorious, and I loved the quality time I had with my dear NYC friends. Best of all, CameraMan and I navigated the long-distance factor much more gracefully than we ever had before. Still, the whole time I was there, I couldn't shake the feeling that New York wasn't really where I was supposed to be. Almost as soon as I got there, we made our big Vienna decision, and more than anything I wanted us to be together to figure out the logistics and practicalities. And now we can—nothing's on hold anymore. We've hit the Play button, and the realities of our big move have been brought into much sharper focus.

There's a lot to do. There are, undoubtedly, frustrations and funks and breakdowns in my future as we tackle the seemingly insurmountable to-do list ahead of us. But at least I'll have CameraMan by my side and The Bossy Cat underfoot. I'm right where I belong.


  1. Welcome home! I'm glad you're back together in the same geographic location! Here's to starting down the path to your next big adventure!

  2. There's nothing like being thrilled with THE WAY IT IS and then joyfully and gratefully HAVING IT BE THAT WAY!
    I love hearing about it and knowing that you and Eric have CREATED IT BEING THAT WAY! Congratulations and thank you! You are making all of us joyful....... And also thanks to Bossy Cat, who provides many of the highlights. Grandma


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