Saying goodbye (again)

I try to stay upbeat when CameraMan and I are saying goodbye, even though my instinct is to grab onto him and hug him with all my might so that he has only 2 options: stay here or take me with him. I ration out my "I'm going to miss yous" and my "Why don't you just stay heres" and my "Don't leaves" and instead focus on the "I've had such a great time with yous" and "This was the best weekends" and "Thanks for a fun times." This goodbye (the one that happened 30 minutes ago) should have been easier. I'm going home 1 week from today, and we'll be together for a solid 2 months. Still, I'm feeling weepy. At work. Good thing I have a no exceptions allowed "no crying at work" policy.

So, to focus on the positive: This was the best weekend. Perfect weather, delicious food, and romance. We brunched on the UWS with My Gay Husband. We petted iPads at the Apple Store. We saw Red on Broadway, which was amazing, and restrained ourselves from strangling the audience members around us (note to self: no more Sunday matinees EVER). We kissed on the Brooklyn Bridge. We had the best meal I've had in a very long time. We got upgraded to a hotel room with a luxurious king-sized bed and a gorgeous view over Broadway. We slept in, thanks to soundproof windows and blackout shades. We ate muffins in bed. We got hungry and grumpy and survived. We met a friend of CM's for lunch. We dodged hustlers in the Diamond District. We strolled through Central Park.

And then we said goodbye. But only for a week. So there's absolutely no reason to cry. None at all.

Who's crying? Not me.

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  1. oh dear one, take heart! This road is tough but it also has great rewards on it - hang in there - x dkz


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