I'm a winner (wiener)

I have an imperfect memory of winning an Easter coloring contest when I was little. I want to say it was sponsored by the local grocery store, and it was a picture of the Easter Bunny with a basket of eggs. I colored the whole picture in rainbow stripes, staying within the lines, of course. When I won, the prize was tickets to a magic show, which I have no memory of actually attending. What I do remember is seeing the rest of the contest entries, and everyone else's pictures were colored in realistic rabbit shades of gray and brown. I felt a little silly about mine, but kind of proud of it at the same time.

In 6th grade, I won a D.A.R.E. poster contest, which was mostly remarkable for the fact that I could not draw. At all. Still can't. In fact, on the occasion that minimal drawing is actually part of my job (while taking blocking), even my stick figures embarrass me. Luckily, Mama Bossy, being a graphic artist, had all these great books of clip art and pictures. She also had a scanner and color printer before anyone I knew did, so despite my severe lack of artistic skill, I was actually able to turn in some pretty cool assignments. For the poster, I drew a huge line drawing of a slot machine, using a model in one of her books. The line of pictures that had been brought up consisted of 3 skulls and crossbones, and over the coin slot I wrote "1 Life." The text on the poster said "You're gambling with your life when you take drugs." Pretty clever, right? I won a watch. I think it's still in my old bedroom at my parents' house.

I have a new trophy to keep in the case along with the magic show tickets and the D.A.R.E. watch: Rahree has given me the Honest Scrap award, for (I presume) being honest. And scrappy. I'm super flattered, and not only because I get to display the awesome Honest Scrap logo on here. I get to send you to some of my favorite bloggers, and then post 10 honest things about me. Fun, no?

So, first the bloggers.

  1. Pithy & Cleaver: Adorable name aside, this has become the first food blog I go to when I want to find a new, delicious, feasible recipe. In fact, the other day when they posted this, I went directly to the grocery store, bought the ingredients, and made it that night. We're still eating the leftovers, now mixed with some orzo. Yum.

  2. M├Ądchen Blogt: Especially good for those of us who are improving our German (ahem). Once I decipher it all, I always end up really loving the way she thinks.

  3. Max Wanger: For completely drool-worthy pictures. Also, I bought one of his shirts a few months ago, and I adore it.

  4. Missed Connections: This completely brilliant artist makes artistic renderings of Missed Connections posts on Craigslist. It's amazing how beautiful lots of them turn out.

Be sure to check out all those lovely people!

And now for the honest facts about me. Hmmm...
  1. On my last flight to Houston, I upgraded myself to First Class. I had never done that before. It was decadent and completely worth it.

  2. I am completely Baby Krazy at the moment. Emphasis on the Krazy.

  3. CM and I have been bringing back cocktail hour with a vengeance. Our current obsession: Aviations.

  4. My new haircut is exactly what I asked for. Now I just want it to grow long. Typical.

  5. The sum total of my accomplishments today: 2.5 hours of Shelbysitting (see #2), 1 easy treadmill workout, 3 discs of Gilmore Girls Season 3, lots of music copied to the Muller Melear Media Library, massive a**-shaped dip developed in couch.

  6. I only recycle when I'm not in Houston. But I do buy those cool swirly lightbulbs.

  7. I have already made decisions about everything I will eat at the Astros game I'm attending Thursday night. Hot dog(s), beer(s), soft pretzel(s), ice cream in a plastic baseball hat, if you're wondering.

  8. I don't wish I was working right now.

  9. I still have my wedding rings. I think I'm supposed to sell them or something, but I haven't.

  10. This winter I bought Groupons for 4 Pilates classes and 6 Yoga classes, all of which I need to take in the next 3 weeks. I should probably get started.

Thanks again, Rahree! And thank you to all who have been reading—I can't tell you how much it means to me that you're all out there.

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  1. Great lists! Both the bloggers and the honesty.


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