Happy weekend!

Can you believe it's already Friday again, dear readers? What do you have going on this weekend? It's my last couple days in New York, so I'm trying to make the most of it. Tonight is the last Hamlet, and then I will officially be unemployed for the next glorious month. I'm so ready! Tomorrow My Gay Husband and I are going to be tourists. We wanted to climb the Statue of Liberty, but we didn't get our tickets early enough, so instead I think we're going to take a Circle Line cruise. On Sunday I'm going to the Whitney Biennial with The Banker, and then it'll be time to leave—back to Houston Monday afternoon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here's some linky goodness for the next couple days:

I know I'm coming late to this, but I just started reading Julia Child's My Life in France and I'm loving it so much. She had such a love of life and all its pleasures. I'd like to be more like that.

Did you hear about Scrabble's rule change? I'm outraged. No, seriously.

I enjoyed this article in the NY Times about people who post photos online of everything they eat. If you are one of those people, you should also read the interview with Andrew Scrivani here and here about how to photograph food well.

If you're in Houston, check out today's Groupon, which is $99 for $225 worth of services at White Salon. If you end up going, ask for Caroline. I've been going to her for about 4 years, and she's amazing!

If you're NOT in Houston, you should subscribe to Groupon in your city. They'll email you a coupon for something different every day. I've bought restaurant coupons, and yoga and pilates classes. I also bought a facial here in NYC, and when the salon couldn't fit me in before I left town, Groupon gave me my money back. How's that for service?

And something a little extra: I came across this photo from a couple months ago when I was uploading pics from my camera the other day.

The Bossy Cat loves doing score work.


  1. Yes indeed! I did read that article in the NY times. Fascinating that there are so many people doing it!

    I have been reading Julia Child's book, so you are not the only late one reading it!

    I am annoyed that I am not close enough to anything to be able to use Groupon!

  2. Happy Friday/Weekend! I have some friends in town, so that'll be fun. The Circle Line cruise should be fun - I went on it I think when the Waterfalls installation happened- and we ended up getting pretty close to the Statue of LIberty. Make sure you have your long lens handy!

    You're JUST now reading My Life in France? It's an amazing book. I devoured it so fast.

    That story about photographing food... amuses me. Because I thought I was weird when I did that occasionally for my 365 project. I mean, sometimes the food is so amazing and that is what I want to remember from that day.

    Enjoy your last NYC weekend - and yay for being back in HOUSTON!

  3. Don't be outraged about Scrabble. It isn't changing. Mattel is just releasing a new version called Scrabble Trickster with new rules.


    I don't play Scrabble but I guess I should after seeing the passion that it's fans displayed this week.

  4. Laurie: What a relief!! Glad to hear the REAL story is not nearly as bad as I thought. :)


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