Happy Easter weekend!

What do you all have planned for the weekend, lovely readers? Easter egg hunts? Special brunches? Massive consumption of chocolate? I'm so looking forward to the weekend, because CameraMan is coming to visit! Tonight I have a performance of Hamlet (#6, can you believe it?), tomorrow I have rehearsal, and then CM arrives tomorrow night! I think we're going to have pizza delivered and laze around gazing at each other. I might make a braided loaf, an Easter tradition I inherited from Mama Bossy.

Sunday we have a great day planned. I can't tell you all the details, because I'm surprising CM with some of them. I've been sharing about one detail a day the past few days, so that he'll be really excited to visit me. Brunch with My Gay Husband, tickets to see Red on Broadway, assorted outdoor activities, dinner, and a night in a swanky NYC hotel. It's our last hurrah before I head back to Houston and we get down to the very serious business of MOVING. To VIENNA.

A few links to tide you over until Monday:

CameraMan is such a rockstar. Everyone's talking about it.

My friend Melissa is massively talented, and she just launched her new website. Check it out. Be sure to listen to the duet with her partner Brian-you'll hear Scarlett the Amazing Baby joining in near the end.

Mama Bossy sent this me this hilarious video. How can you help smiling at that?

The Apple iPad (or iMaxi, as I like to refer to it) is coming out tomorrow, and I guess there's a lot of buzz about it. I don't get it. Is it just me?

But I did LOVE this week's episode of Modern Family about the iPad. That show is genius. You should be watching it.

And, in honor of Easter, a ridiculous picture of a bunny. And a kitten. Papa Bossy sent me an email with SEVENTEEN of these. I have chosen the best one.


  1. Is CM taking over the Easter basket duties?

  2. Oh what fun! Together on Easter in NYC!
    Enjoy the beauty of gazing.....

    Will have brunch outdoors at a new Italian Restaurant on Signal with Bim, Tessie and Bob. Family is scattered this year.

    Happy Easter to you and CM.
    Love, Grandma


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