Our bedroom. The middle of the night.

All of a sudden, LMB wakes up with a gasp and shakes CM awake.

LMB: I had a bad dream that there was a snake in the bed and it bit you.

CM: It was just a dream. There's no snake in the bed.

LMB: What if there WAS a snake in the bed? And it bit you?

CM: There's no snake in the bed. I'm fine. Nothing bit me.

2 minutes go by, during which LMB wakes up all the way.

LMB: Wow. That was ridiculous. How would a snake even get into our bed?

CM: I think they made a movie about that, actually: Snakes in the Bed.

LMB: "Too many mothaf***ing snakes in this mothaf***ing bed!"

Fade out on CM and LMB giggling.

This, in a nutshell, is why we are perfect for each other.


  1. NExt time on YouTube, please...

  2. It's so cozy to have someone to tell your dream to in the middle of the night!


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