It's a helluva town

Lately work has been all-consuming in a way I'm not used to, all hushed conversations and last-minute changes and stress headaches. This sounds like complaining, I know, but it isn't really. I'm fine. For some reason in this city I'm able to compartmentalize in a way I haven't figured out how to do anywhere else—my work life and my social life are completely separate, and at the end of a long day I can fairly reliably leave work behind the minute I walk across the plaza. One of my favorite things about working at the Big House is that while we're in rehearsals, even my longest days are over by 7pm, giving me plenty of free evenings to take advantage of this amazing city. And take advantage I have.

The range of cultural opportunities on any given night in NYC is incredible…and incredibly intimidating. When I'm not here, I drool over the "Goings On About Town" section of The New Yorker, cataloging everything I'm missing and yearning to be at each and every concert, gallery opening, and Broadway preview. When I am in town, I try to cram a lot into my short visits. So far, in the month that I've been here, I've been to 2 recitals, 2 operas, 2 movies, 1 dance performance, 1 symphony concert, and 1 burlesque cabaret. And that's while rehearsing 6 days a week. Next week we open our show(!) and my schedule will lighten considerably. Then maybe I'll hit some museums, or a Broadway matinee, or a jazz club.

Lest you worry that I won't have enough culture Kultur when we move to Vienna, have no fear! After all, it's the city of Mozart. And, if you go in for something a bit more…erm…modern, the Airstream Diva recently sent us this link.

I can't wait.

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  1. I'm afraid you will not make it in time; in time for the Secession special, I mean. And I'm glad you will not go to the real Mozart city, the one with the Mozartkugeln...


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