I like to move it, move it

We've created this epic to-do list for the big move, a Google document that we can both edit and update. It's daunting, and though I suppose it helps to write it all down, all the millions of things we have to do and pack and sell and arrange, it's also freaking me out. So far, we've bought plane tickets (August 4 is the big day), reserved a spot under the seat in front of me for The Bossy Cat (yes, of course she's coming), and given notice at our apartment, all of which are huge but definitely only scratching the surface of all we have to do. Most of it in the next 2 months. Ack!

Sometimes when faced with an overwhelming number of tasks, the only thing we can do is focus on/obsess over something really small. For CM, that's creating the "Muller-Melear Media Library," an external hard drive with all our favorite movies and music so that we don't have to bring the actual DVDs and CDs with us. My minutia of choice is trying to figure out how best to document the move. Of course I'll be blogging, and you probably know us well enough to assume that there will be plenty of pictures, but that doesn't seem like enough, not for the biggest adventure either of us has ever been on. I'm so not a scrapbooker, so what do y'all think? Any ideas?

I fell down a blog rabbit hole the other day, and ended up at this video. I'm not nearly ambitious enough to try anything like this, but it is amazing. Especially knowing that it was created by an 11-year-old girl.


  1. Hope you are taking little breaks for sanity purposes! Sounds like a great nad exciting new time!

  2. your blog title has that tune stuck in my head, but with the Italian words (thanks to Camm): "Mi piace se ti muove." It's not quite the same, but the groove is!

    I think it's a perfect occasion to start vlogging, don't you? why should the Met be the only people to catch yer pretty face on film?

  3. Loved, LOVED that video. Also, am totes jealous that my stuff refuses to pack itself, even when I ask nicely. Thinking about you! xoxo

  4. Love the video, and (having moved so many times myself!) totally sympathize with the feeling of being overwhelmed by busy-ness that picking up the tent-pegs brings on. On the up side: the rewards will be huge...and getting a chance to tick number 6 off your list: priceless. EB


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